Dulles, Neuhaus, et alia on My Publications

Here is a link to Avery Cardinal Dulles’s letter to me concerning my book critical of the Joint Declaration on Justification entitled Engrafted into Christ: A Critique of the Joint Declaration1898_001

Here is a link to Richard John Neuhaus’s posthumously published piece on the ecclesiological essay that I produced and on an essay that Cardinal Dulles produced concerning accurate and inaccurate interpretation of Vatican II. The specific issue is the famous “subsistit in” clause in chap. 1, art. 8.

Archbishop J.A. DiNoia wrote, concerning Engrafted into Christ: “In this brilliant contribution to the dialogue between Catholics and Lutherans, Christopher Malloy subjects the 1999 “Joint Declaration on Justification” to a rigorous historical and theological analysis which exposes deep and important differences in Lutheran and Catholic conceptions of justifying grace. This Catholic author exhibits a highly refined appreciation for the logic of the Lutheran conception, at the same time that he uncovers what he considers to be a critical flaw in this conception. “Engrafted” is indispensable reading for anyone who cares about the history and prospects of Catholic-Lutheran dialogue.”

Fr. Matthew Lamb wrote, concerning Engrafted into Christ: “Christopher J. Malloy provides an important and challenging contribution toward understanding the differences between the Catholic and Lutheran doctrines and theologies of justification. The differences are carefully and wisely studied, with openness to further questions and corrections. This book exemplifies a genuine ecumenism that can only flourish in mutual dedication to serious scholarship, truth, and wisdom.”

Fr. Stanley Jaki, Justification as Argued by Newman, 2007, p. 262: “The theological faultlines cutting through its [The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification] conclusions were fully exposed in Christopher J. Malloy’s study, Engrafted into Christ: A Critique of the Joint Declaration.”

Fr. Peter Fehlner, Immaculata Mediatrix: Rivista internazionale di teologia Mariana, n. 3, 2005: “Dr. Malloy is to be congratulated on his profound and substantially accurate diagnosis of the JD and for the valid insights he offers for the future conduct of ecumenical dialogue. This book cannot be recommended too highly to those concerned with the promotion of ecumenism….”

Review by Archbishop Charles Morerod, O.P., The Thomist 71 (2007): 500–03: “Christopher Malloy offers a deep, honest, and critical view of the 1999 Joint Declaration on Justification…. All questions depend on different views of mediation, expressed in Mariology and in anthropology…. In different ways I have already expressed the same concern myself, trying to suggest that the possibility of mediation had already been the main concern of Cardinal Cajetan about Luther as early as 1518. I could not agree more with Christopher Malloy’s very careful analysis of the JD on this point…. [T]heologians should take opportunity of Malloy’s critiques to engage in a deeper study of the Catholic and Lutheran views on salvation.”

Prof. Manfred Hauke, Forum Katholische Theologie, 2006: “Christopher J. Malloy hat ein gründliches Werk bereit gestellt, dass alle Theologen, die an einem wahren ökumenischen Fortschritt interessiert sind, lesen sollten. Die Sprache ist nicht polemisch und richtet sich bewusst auch an evangelische Leser, die auf diese Weise behutsam in das Zentrum des katholischen Glaubens geführt werden können,”