On Matrimony – Part 21 (Ends of Marriage)

Part 21

In the previous two posts I stated that the Traditional Teaching on the ends of marriage is that the Primary End of Marriage is Procreation.

Unfortunately, since 1965, many Catholics have come to believe, and even teach, that this Traditional teaching on the ends of marriage has been overturned or corrected. As though the Tradition could be corrected. But here’s the difficulty. They hold that the Traditional teaching was not Traditional Teaching! They hold that it was only a lightly sprinkled teaching. They hold further that Vatican II, Paul VI, and John Paul II corrected the teaching.

In the posts to come, I will correct this misconception and show the following:

(1) that the Church has indeed solidly established the teaching on the primary ends of marriage

(2) that Vatican II did not correct this but reaffirmed it in other words

(3) that John Paul II did not correct this but reaffirmed it.

(4) I will offer some reasons why it must be that Procreation is the Primary end.

(5) I will then treat of the subtleties connected with these ends and introduce that subjective vantage point again. I hope in the end to lay the foundations for a more adequate view of these ends. That view centers around the primary end of procreation and education of offspring but not in such a way as to reduce marriage to a naturalistic function of production. No, marriage is a divinely appointed human institution. Thus, it is complex and oriented towards human communion at the same time as that communion is oriented towards procreation. Lose that primary end, and you lose marriage.