On Matrimony – Part 14


Part 14

The institutional character of marriage is for the sake of its personal character, Conjugal Love. Conjugal Love involves total gift of oneself to another of the opposite sex. Total in terms of the breadth of human existence: bodily, emotional, and rational. The bodily character of this giving is beautifully brought out by John Paul II. Total bodily giving is sexual, for the body is sexual. Sexual is distinct from asexual. Asexual involves no distinction between male and female. Sexual on the other hand involves just this distinction. That is, sexual means opposites. Man and woman. As I have brought out before “homo-sexual” or “same-sex” action is absurd. It is a contradiction in terms. It is not sexual. It is perhaps a sexual aping of the asexual.

So Conjugal Love is personal and sexual. It is a sexual communion of persons. The properties of unity and indissolubility point the way for a successful living of this communion. Fidelity and tenderness, commitment unto death. In sickness and in health. This is the personal living out of the shelter that God has created.

The disciples knew the cost at once. A great cost at times. A frightening prospect in today’s world. No Exit. Yet again, any great life since the Fall of Adam is at the cost of the Cross. The No Exit is terrifying especially if we fail to see that it is through relationships that we come to life. Without love, as Vatican II states, man is meaningless. This is nothing but the constant Tradition that Jesus Deposited to his Church. We are meant for love. And the married state is the state in which one can die to oneself so as to life for one’s spouse. It is an awesome task.

At the end of the day, in the evening of our lives, we shall be judged by love. Not only by He who is love. But by the instinct for love we have in our hearts. This instinct for love shall exhibit to us whether we have followed through on the graces God gives. Whether we have given our all. Or withheld ourselves in some fundamental manner.

O Lord, help us to let go the things of yesterday; help us to follow your ways.