Three Mormons and I

Part 17 – Part the Last

If the claims presented by these three Mormons are indeed real claims of Mormonism, then reason demonstrates that Mormonism is a false religion.

For no true prophet can under the prophetic charism speak what is demonstrably false or absurd or impious.

It is impious to fail to show honor where honor is due. Now, the god of god the father is due honor. But these men presented a view of the world according to which they are “not interested” about such gods but only on the one on whom they presently depend. This is a utilitarian and insufficiently pious attitude for a true religion.

It is absurd to suggest that God the Father becomes omnipresent through the ministration of another agent. It is absurd to suggest that he depends on another agent. But in order to be omnipresent, these Mormons said, God the father depends on the Holy Spirit.

It is in the end atheism to deny that there is one ultimate God that depends and depended on no one and nothing, that is himself the Source of All Good and lacks nothing of the range of perfection. And, if Mormonism is as these men says it is, it is itself Atheism. Granted, it is a “religious” atheism in a very extended sense, given that it calls for a way of life that is not simply dedicated to pleasure and money. However, the question remains what is the nature of this “experience” that is so dearly prized. If and insofar as it occasions one to abandon gluttony and pleasure for a life of the mind, then it is a step in the right direction. I recall the lyrics of Pink Floyd waking me up to the meaninglessness of a life of pleasure and greed. I recall that to have been a step in the right direction. But only because it led to the step to the one true God. In fact, for me to return to that captivating music would be to slide to eternal ruin.

Our conversation was so earnest and respectful that we were all moved by it. I was, and I believe they were. We said so, and I have every reason to believe each of us.

Before we parted, they asked me if they could pray over me. I kindly refused, judging that it would be a scandal for them and a dishonor to the One True God if I accepted the invitation of those who are yet searching for the True God, presently lost in the shadows of mythology and darkness, of the lack of a true moral compass, to pray over me. Since I did not want to give any credence to their false superstition and since I did not want to do the True God any dishonor, I told them that I would pray for them after we departed and would know that they would pray for me.

That is what I did, and I still bear them in my heart. If I am blessed enough by God to have found the One True God and his One True Religion, which He established and which he therefore sanctions alone out of all the world’s religions, I know that this is not my doing but his calling. And I know from the documents of Vatican II, but this truth is already embedded in the Tradition, that this One True God calls all human beings in the entire world to abandon their false religions and to believe in him and follow him in the one true religion, that which is practiced alone in the Holy Roman Apostolic and Catholic Church (Lumen Gentium, chapter 2).