Three Mormons and I

Part 13

Next, they said that the Holy Spirit would soon get a body.

This I found remarkable.

So you mean that the Holy Spirit will then also be restricted and confined to a body? They said, “Yes, … but it will be a perfect body.”

Well, once again, “perfect body” is a relative expression: Given that you have a body, it may be more or less perfect. But it is impossible that any bodily thing be simply “perfect”.

Further, what of omnipresence!  If every bodily thing is in but one place, Whoever bears a body cannot, qua such, be in all places.

Thus, although the Spirit is omnipresent now, he shall soon cease to be omnipresent? Then, in being promoted to bodiliness, he will be demoted in omnipotence? They did not have a response to this.

Further, how shall God the Father maintain his omnipresence if his one aid in this feat is soon to be constricted to a body? They shall both need a helper. Who shall rise to help our helpless gods? They have arms and cannot be everywhere; they have eyes but cannot see all things — for how shall the eye see around the great planet? They have noses but smell only faintly that which is very far away. They have hands but cannot touch your heart. Whom shall we send from our exalted earth to prop up these weak gods?