Luther Prohibits Christ’s Judgment

Luther won’t allow true Christians to think of Christ as a coming Judge. In the Catholic Liturgy, we celebrate the coming of Christ the Judge. We hope for this, as he will indeed liberate us from evils. But we also fear this, since if we are without sanctifying grace when he comes, if we are in the state of mortal sin when he comes, we have rejected him, we have loved another more than God, we have clung to sin, and we shall suffer eternal damnation as a result.

The coming of Christ as judge is also integral to Catholic Faith, indelibly part of the Tradition.

But Luther rejects the coming of Christ as judge. We may only think of Christ as Redeemer:

“For us it is not at all permissible to return to the Christ who is to come, except insofar as we expect Him on the Last Day as our Redeemer, who is to liberate us from all evils.” (LW 26:239).