Dogmatic Theology 1.18: Basic Dogmas on Trinity

In this podcast, we lay out the basic dogmas on the Holy Trinity. But before going through the sundry dogmas, we lay out the several conceptual stages for rightly thinking about this mystery. Although the  Mystery is Simple in itself, it is complex in our understanding. If we are rightly to order our minds towards the Mystery, we need to have a sense of how the different terms signify God differently. Then, we can have a better sense of the Mystery, however feeble it is, so that we might break forth into contemplation and love.

It would be of considerable help to have a set of published outlines with you as you listen to the podcast. The link to these outlines is HERE.

Why dogma? Why doctrine? Jesus has gifted us with the Truth. The Truth is both the way to  love and the final end of love. For Truth is the Real, and we Love not just “to love” but “The Real.” A person. In fact, Three Persons. Hence, dogma is foundational to the Catholic way of life.