TED Talk Rule #3

The TED Talks have content guidelines. The third rule begins as follows:

Guideline 3: No religious proselytizing (including new age beliefs) Don’t book speakers who attempt to prove or persuade of the correctness of a single religion, deity or belief system, whether through rhetoric or “scientific proof.”

One thought on “TED Talk Rule #3

  1. Rule number 3 should be all that’s necessary to steer one away from this rather “new age” forum. IT isn’t objectionable per se that the moderators wish to avoid “religious proselytizing” on their forum. On the other hand, the moderators give the game away by placing scientific proof in quotes. We are expected to accept as fact and beyond dispute that no “religious” truth or moral value can be valid, or said to exist at all. We are simply to understand that all religions can’t be simultaneously “true” and therefore must be false. The problem is most, if not all “Ted Talks” purport to provide factually true and valid arguments. On what basis are we to assume the truth or value of those talks?

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