Dogmatic Theology 1.9: Pius X and Modernism Part 1

This is the first of 2 podcasts on Pius X’s portrait of Modernism. It is a coherent portrait of the disparate elements of modernism wrapped up in one.

It is not that any thinker exactly instantiates this portrait. Rather, the various elements suggest this converging view on the various matters of theology. I suggest that there are indeed theologies of recent memory that have, to greater and lesser degrees, “family resemblances” to this portrait. Pius X is to be commended for drawing up the portrait. Family resemblances of this great heresy are, alas, still with us. Worse: Their proponents are secretive. It is an “occult heresy.”

2 thoughts on “Dogmatic Theology 1.9: Pius X and Modernism Part 1

  1. Thank you for recording this very good series of podcasts. Might I request, just for the sake of someone like me following along, that you might make it more clear and obvious when you are describing/quoting true belief, .as opposed to when you are describing heresy? There were a few points where it seemed that you only gave such indication at the very end of dealing with the idea at length.

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