On the “Uncreated Energies” (Part 3)

My Critique. This argument self-destructs. The uncreated “creating” energy either always or not always effects the world. Gregory says, correctly, following Moses’ teaching in Genesis 1, that the uncreated “creating” energy does not always effect the world. That is, the uncreated “creating” energy can be and yet a world does not therefore obtain. Otherwise, just as the uncreated energy always is, so would the world always exist. But revelation teaches the contrary.

Therefore, there was some moment before which the uncreated energy did not effect the world. Call this imaginary time T–n. (Let T = the first moment at which the world exists. n = any amount of imaginary time in the backward direction. We know that there was no such ‘real time’ since time is the measurement of motion, and since there was no measure before. Yet, we can imagine a cycle equivalent to one that will emerge [e.g. the earth’s cycle about the sun] as the measure going backward. This is imaginary time.)

Gregory thus posits that at Time T–n the creating energy was inactive, and that it became active at time T. We need not and we could not give “size” to the length of time n. It would make no sense to do so. However, we can differentiate two times, T and T–n, and that is all I am doing.