On the “Uncreated Energies” (Part 2)

Gregory’s solution: Posit that there are “uncreated energies”. They are “uncreated,” Gregory defines, because they have no beginning. Thus, for him “uncreated” is basically synonymous with “without (temporal) beginning”. There are as many different energies as there are different kinds of product that God produces. For example, there is the “creating” energy because there are things God creates. There is the “sanctifying” energy because there are things God sanctifies. There is the “revealing” energy because there those to whom God speaks. Etc. So, contends Gregory, it is not that God changes from creating to not creating. It is rather that through his energies God creates things. God does not change. The energies suddenly produce their effects at the appropriate times. God always has his energy, Gregory contends, lest he be powerless at some point. But he is not powerless. However, these energies are not always effecting what they can effect, Gregory implies, lest the world always be (in the backward direction) and there be no “first day” of creation.