Irenaeus Condemns Heretic Marcion’s Notion of Jesus’ Descent into “Hell”

Irenaeus rebukes Marcion for holding that Cain and the men of Sodom and other great sinners were saved by Jesus’ descent into “hell”:

“In addition to his blasphemy against God Himself, he advanced this also, truly speaking as with the mouth of the devil, and saying all things in direct opposition to the truth—that Cain, and those like him, and the Sodomites, and the Egyptians, and others like them, and, in fine, all the nations who walked in all sorts of abomination, were saved by the Lord, on His descending into Hades, and on their running unto Him, and that they welcomed Him into their kingdom.” From Book I, chap. 27 of his monumental Against Heresies, as found in ANF, p. 352.