Cardinals Publicly Question Interpretations of Amoris Laetitia

I am very heartened by the charity of Four Cardinals who have brought forth publicly questions about Amoris Laetitia. This document has been causing great confusion among the faithful.

However, if we do not let our ears be tickled, we will not be deceived. The Church’s teaching does not change. It does not evolve. Organic development involves the complete affirmation of everything once taught, plus the addition of a new precision. This is not evolution, according to which one species (an old affirmation) dies out so that a new species (a newer affirmation, one that does not include the old affirmation) may be put in its place.

As these good cardinals know, the pope is custodian of these constant teachings. The papal authority does not extend to the point of denying divine revelation or altering those matters of discipline that are revealed.

Now, these teachings have to do with the Love of Sinners. The sinner cannot by his sin make his way to heaven. His sin takes him down a path of loss, despair, darkness, closedness, death. Hence, John the Baptist, who preaches against sin and wickedness, is an agent of love. He is not an agent of “rigidity”. He is an agent of peace and blessing. For one who clings to sin cannot be saved. One ignorant of sin should be awakened, so that he might be set free from sin. He should not be “coddled” in his ignorance. He should lovingly be shown the truth. He should lovingly be given the medicines of immortality: Penance and Eucharist.

I urge everyone to read this careful letter of these four cardinals. They asked the pope privately to disambiguate very strange locutions in his recent document. He did not respond to their request. Thus, as true shepherds lovingly concerned about the flock, they are asking him publicly to correct the minds of those who go astray from the true faith. May God bless them for their courage, love, and fidelity.