Russia and War

If anyone is following anything other than the despicable sins of Donald and the treacherous sins of Hillary, he is aware of the escalating tensions with Russia.

The talk of World War III is all over the relations between the two superpowers.

What the heck is going on with this? Why are we escalating tensions?

Of course, if our fatherland is invaded, any patriot (one who loves the land and the people) would defend himself and his neighbors.

However, would it not be most difficult to join the US Military these days? Who would want to put himself under the “thought control” that is currently going on in the Military? Who would want to defend the belligerent nature of the US foreign policy currently in act? We are issuing belligerent threats at unnamed enemies. Most likely, Russia is the chief target here. Top generals are doing this; top diplomats; Biden himself. Cyber war. Military war.

Meanwhile, Russia has ordered its children who are abroad to come home. Russians are stockpiling. They are having massive drills.

This is no joke. This is a call for PRAYER, PENANCE, AND ALMS.

Our Lady of Fatima appeared nearly 100 years ago. Her prophecies are not over.

As our own nation exhibits the errors of Russia from the 20th century, with our un-natural marriages, our porn, our belligerence, it looks as though we are the enemy. Meanwhile, Russia allows home-schooling, defends true marriage, etc.

Of course, Russia is not led by saints. However, who is more in the wrong?

All say “peace peace.” But the thief is coming. Prophecies are warning. It is time to bend the knees. God, give us the strength to endure.

It seems as though we sleep. It is late morning. Yet, we sleep in bed. Fatigued. Weary. Dreamy. Yes, dreamy. It is all foggy. We do not see this clearly. We find this impossible. Our S&P Investments are doing well. We have money in the bank. Ripe avocados. Good neighbors.

But “There is no peace.” We put good (natural marriage) for evil (unnatural marriage). We put evil (no fecundity) for good.

The absolute senselessness of the current escalation is cause by someone, someones. Who? Obama? Or someone above him? Who is pressing this senselessness.

Meanwhile, Catholic prelates are asleep at the wheel. Celebrating what ought not be celebrated.

When the faith is not clearly presented, when discipline is undermined, when all chaos and hell seem unleashed, the poor sheep need shepherds to present clearly the faith, to discipline heretics and offenders, to refute error and to guide towards true peace.

The refutation of error is in service of love.

2 thoughts on “Russia and War

  1. The hockey players aren’t coming home. When they return from the NHL then you know its serious. In fact more are coming.

    As far as your comments about Fatima and the prophecies, yes it couldn’t be a better time to take the Faith seriously and be dialed into Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.

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