A Source for the Gnosticization of Morality: Fr. Karl Rahner (Part 9)

Conversely, he suggests, it may appear that I am rejecting Absolute Being. I undertake the solitary sin. I undertake to defraud the laborer of his wages. I study pornography. I seek honor above all things. I gossip. Although on the descriptive level I seem to be doing this, on the transcendental level, I am actually “embracing” my very movement towards and beyond finite things. I am actually embracing my self-transcending dynamism towards infinity. To use a phrase in that awful movie “Being There,” I might in encountering you find “Myself revealed to myself” through you. And thus, I am heading on up towards infinity. For example, as I engage the fornicating act, I might be thrusting my way towards the totality of being and embracing my transcendence. (Think of Heidegger embracing authenticity with Hannah Arendt, and at the same time experiencing his own version of Guilt, which guilt is basically tantamount to the sentiment expressed in that 1980’s song some woman sang, “So many men, so little time.”) Back to Rahner: Maybe despite all appearances to the contrary, I really am thrilled with my “vector”. Thus, Rahner suggests, I am working out my salvation through my inward, transcendental, non-conceptual embrace of my vector to move on from one finite thing to another (in deed!) and so, to surpass all finite things.