Noble Statement Defends Church’s Unchangeable Teachings

I just learned of this noble statement in defense of the Church’s UN-changeable teachings. Cardinal Burke is among its signatories.

As confusion abounds, what is so lamentable is that those who are hoping to see everlasting laws bend are having their wishes granted, so it seems. In fact, these laws cannot bend. They are for the good of persons. The laws are the roadmap towards true and lasting happiness. So, those who are focused only on earthly happiness are rejoicing at the apparent bending of non-bendable laws. They are rejoicing in deception, thinking it is not deception. This is what is most lamentable.

Indeed, we should be angered. Our love for our brothers, who are being confused and abused, should lead us to be angry about this situation. And constructive anger leads to action.

Here, we find a noble effort of defense of the good of marriage and morality. All for the sake of the little ones. Let us abandon the 99 righteous, who already know and love and live their unconfused faith, and seek the 1 unrighteous wanderer, who perhaps will convert if the truth is presented clearly to him and the power to live it is offered.

In fact, it is the opposite. There are many more who are confused and wandering, and few who are unconfused and loving the truth. Thus, we fulfill this parable in a different way in these days of confusion and so-sad wandering, like sheep wandering, according to its true essence.

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4 thoughts on “Noble Statement Defends Church’s Unchangeable Teachings

  1. If we have to defend marriage from the Pope, then I don’t think we’re noble; I think we’re living ecclesiastical insanity. The Pope is the living rule of faith – or ought to be. The umpteenth petition is a sign to me that many have not yet grasped the depth of the problem.

      1. I think your analogy fails. The doctrine had not yet been defined at the time of John’s ‘heresy’. Francis, though, certainly knows the Church’s teaching on the sanctity of marriage. He doesn’t believe it and/or care to teach it.

      2. It is true that it is unspeakably more outrageous for a prelate to speak against already defined dogmas. I concede this principle. I would also note that the constant and universal tradition preceded Pope John XXII. It was sufficiently clear for sufficiently many outstanding theologians, that they could denounce him with confidence.

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