A Source for the Gnosticization of Morality: Fr. Karl Rahner (Part 8)

Now we come to the ultimate upshot. In a description of what I am doing on the first level, it may appear that I am approaching Absolute Being. If, say, I “go to Mass” and “go to confession” and “help the poor” and “pray for sinners, of which I am the first.” These sound like good approaches to Absolute Being, right?

But as a matter of fact, Rahner deeply questions all this. He suggests: I might interiorly not be embracing this “vector of my mind towards infinity”. I might be saying “no” to this “marvelous” vector. I might really be uptight about the “creative destruction” of capitalism and regretting the absolute violence it wreaks on tradition and traditional communities. I might not be interested in the infinite potential of man’s mind as it launches into the infinite. Thus, Rahner suggests, whereas I might look like a Christian I am an actual atheist. I pursue a finite god.