Up and Down

When I was young, I thought like a child, acted like a child. But when I became a man, I put off childish things.

These words of Paul are haunting to me. I sometimes think how children see everything as either up or down, black or white. Then they wade into the ocean of “shades” in between. In our day and age, it can get dizzying. Confusing. And our world, our times, are confused. There really is no up or down, is there? That is how we end up thinking. We see that there is no fixed place in the universe. It is all relative.

Why, O Lord, have you made a world without a fixed point?

But then again, there are fixed points. I suppose — presuming the current narrative of the universe — that the reason God did not make a fixed center is that he is not able to be determined vis-a-vis the world. His infinity makes him totally not locatable by reference to the world. Otherwise, he would be finite.

And yet, the whole universe is as it were “down” in the most important sense of the word, and He is “up” in the most important sense of the word. On him we depend; he depends not on us. Our truths speak his truth. And our reason can discern real truths. Everything is not gray.