Gnosticization of Morality – Part IV

Therefore, if our lived Catholicism were to allow divorce and remarried people to receive communion, we would not be proclaiming the repentance we are called to preach. We would be sinning against the sinner. We would in vain try to “cover” their guilt, all to our own shame. And they should rightly be deeply angry with us, even if they might be superficially pleased, because we did not show them the way to happiness. And they cannot be deeply happy, only superficially happy (enough to please a sociological survey, but not enough to please them for eternity), if they remain in their sins.

The Gnosticization of morality is destroying the Catholic ability to re-form the world in God’s image. It is puncturing zeal’s force before ever it gets rolling. It divides man’s heart from his body. Thus, it invites the continual pursuit of pleasure, as long as I am in this mortal coil. Or conversely, it invites contempt at this mere husk of dirt. If the dirt can deliver no more pleasure, then end its pathetic existence, free the poor soul into its paradisal identity with God! Man frees himself by his death. Yes, this is the Pelagian end of the Gnosticization of morality. Euthanasia its logical means.

Now – Who is the Intellectual Engine behind this kind of morality? Well, there are many factors. Not all factors are “theologians”. However, there is one very powerful moral theory that I think is behind much of the “theoretical buttressing” of this Gnosticization. It is the thought of the so-called “fundamental option”. And the author of this theory is Karl Rahner. This is a very difficult matter, which I will treat in a future post.