Gnosticization of Morality – Part III

Part III

Thus, the True Enlightenment that we preach must be that of the True Light that Comes Down from Heaven, Illuminating All Minds. And this True Light takes flesh (Jn 1). Further, this enfleshed Light acts bodily, even unto death (Phil 2). And this pattern of life that he made possible, breathes out to us, and calls us to imitate is the pattern of bodily activities conducive to and, by anticipation, constitutive of happiness.

Thus, we must call him to repentance. We must call him to leave his former, sinful ways. If he is ignorant of his obligations, Woe to me if I preach not the Gospel to him. For then I shall be judged, not him.

“But,” says the Devil himself in my ear, “You could be so helpful to this poor wretch. You could take on his sin for him. Leave him in his activities. Leave him in his ignorance. You take the guilt of him. You shall be a hero. You shall imitate the very one who took your guilt upon him.” Thus spake the Devil.

“May God rebuke him,” I reply. For this is a lie. God it is who has providence. And his providence is to provide for all through Holy Mother the Church. And Holy Mother the Church has a mission to convert the world and bring it into her bosom. Is it impossible for this sinner to change his ways so as to walk according to God? Never! God’s grace can accomplish it for him (Rom 8). And if I did not awaken his mind to the truth, I should be guilty of lack of charity towards him and lack of trust in God’s mighty mercy. I should play magic with providence. A grave danger. But worse, it is a diabolical lie that Jesus “took my guilt” upon his soul. Guilt belongs only to the sinner. Jesus knew no sin and was punished unjustly. He announced the truth to the sinner. Yes, he found the subtle ways. He found the personal ways. But he found them. And he drew the sinner to himself. And he launched the sinner towards the fulness of the way of life.