Pro French Revolution? Nonsense

Many a well-intended person thinks the French Revolution was good for the Church. This is not what sober minds at the time thought. Of course, God always brings good out of evil. So, from that horror, he brought forth fruit.

But the defection of nations from the Church is not in itself a good thing. In itself, it is evil.

Now, if those who are persecuted remain steadfast in the faith, if they read good books and learn first principles, if they avoid the eclecticism of “feel good theology” that offers no solid footing in first principles, if they have pastors that know the full truth and preach it in season and out of season, if they are not confused by the contemporary Zeitgeist, if they avoid errors, if their love remains steadfast and firm, if their hope does not waver, then persecution is good for them. But if the opposite, the opposite.

But what happens when Catholics make peace with the Revolutionaries? Drink in the poison of the Revolution? Conflate truth with error? Confuse others? Do not know, much less preach, the full truth? Do not disciple themselves at the feet of the Doctors of the Church. When we are badly formed by off-beat ideas without sound judgment, is this a help? What if we embrace the error of the time? Then persecution has had its say; the rebels have one. They have infiltrated the sanctuary.

Pius VII, successor of Pius VI, praises his predecessor:

Later ages will be amazed at the wisdom, magnanimity, and firmness of Our predecessor Pius VI. We could wish that We had also inherited his courage which withstood unshaken the blows of every storm and misfortune.

Too bad our age is so blind as not to see the holy zeal in Pius VI. It is also quite interesting – and pathetic – that those who speak so highly of the French Revolution are those living in the Empire of the West. But now, as the west collapses before barbarian hordes of a false religion, these pseudo-peace loving westerners should sober up. But still they slumber. When the sword is at their throats, perhaps they shall think again.

Pope Leo the Great, Pope St. Agatho (also great), Pope Leo XIII, and countless other popes teaching officially and not spouting personally, esteemed the protection of the Holy Empire for the defense of Holy Mother Church. The sad imprudence that abounds today among Catholics will be destroyed by the barbarians. The imprudence shall lead either (a) to us being tyrannized over violently by barbarians, (b) converted to false religion or, (c) hopefully, converted to sobriety and genuine Catholicity. (c) may require (a) as its means.