Exposé: Salesians Promote the Solitary Sin

The Lepanto Institute has just released an explosive report on the Salesians, claiming that the religious order promotes the solitary sin in its missions.

The Solitary Sin: Gateway to all sordid sins. It is an obstacle to friendship, to communion, to relationship. It is the gateway to the abuse of women, esp. through porn, which dominates the “American lifestyle.” Itself a vice of effeminacy among men, it is the gateway to all unnatural vices.

Some renegade priests are claiming that the Solitary Sin is not sin, or at least not grave sin. False. It is the constant and universal teaching of the Church that the Solitary Sin is gravely evil. It is one of the “unmentionable” sins in the Scriptures.

It may be that the Solitary Sin underlies all sorts of cooperatively performed sexual sins. The Solitary Sin and pornography together.

In today’s confusion in morals, together with an idolatry of health, the Solitary Sin seems to be medicine’s prescribed remedy for restlessness. Not virtue but sin is the prescription. Sin that leads to more sin. For once the appetite is set on pleasure as its end – which is what happens in each and every act of the solitary sin – it craves more and more. Just as, once the appetite is set on justice, truth, and God’s Glory as its end – which is what happens when one repents of sin through the grace of God and an act of love towards God which implies love of neighbor – one is satisfied with nothing less than God.

Let us be clear: Everyone has a battle to fight, a war. Death and life are at stake. Our hearts are the field. What will we choose? The path of life, arduous to be sure, but sweet and full of an invigorating peace? Or the path of death, easy to be sure and ready to hand, but bitter and full of self-hatred, division within one’s house, being-lost-ness, self-outside-self-ness, anger, and enervating anxious remorse?

In the refrain of the great Advent Hymn: “Old man: Therefore, repent.”

3 thoughts on “Exposé: Salesians Promote the Solitary Sin

  1. Dr. Malloy,

    What is this “solitary sin?” I very well understand the sin of the Salesians heretofore mentioned, but I don’t see how it is THE solitary sin. A great virulent plague on our society, but not the solitary sin.

    In my understanding, the only sin that could ever be appropriately, universally acclaimed as solitary, would be the sin of pride, which underlies all sin.

    1. The solitary sin in common theological discourse is masturbation. The greatest sin is pride, of course. And all sin is grounded in pride, although not all sin is expressly and directly a sin of pride. The weak man facing a terrible pressure just wants to drink to excess and forget things. The cowardly man hides. However, behind both their sins is pride. Since pride puts self before all else, it clearly is directly opposed to spiritual communion and thus leads to the solipsism of which all sins take part. But I’m using the term in accordance with common theological parlance.

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