Lessons from Leo XIII on Laws and Marriage

Peru was enacting laws on “civil marriage”, and even reaching its hands into Sacramental Marriages. Pope Leo, in Quam religiosa,  rightly decried this. He also urged the legislators, in framing any laws, to keep the true essence of natural marriage in mind, to refrain from any laws on Sacramental Marriage, which are the competence of the Catholic Church alone.

He also urges them to repeal UNJUST LAWS:

The courage of the blessed citizens Turibius and Rose, great examples of virtue, comes to mind here. Publicly restore both mind and will, so that they never depart from the Church’s precepts in making laws, which, if correctly observed, will bring about the natural happiness of the people. They should promise that they will not allow the recent decree to stand unchanged. They should also promise that civil marriage laws will contain nothing contrary to the teaching of the Church.

One thought on “Lessons from Leo XIII on Laws and Marriage

  1. Our main chapel at the Pontifical College Josephinum is dedicated to St. Turibus, and the old cloister chapel is dedicated to St. Rose. It’s good to see their intercession invoked, I’ll need to remember them during the synod.

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