Tale of Two Collects

2nd Sunday in Lent. Collect from the 1961 Breviary: “God, you see how weak we are. Guard us within, guard us without; protect our bodies against the dangers of this life and cleanse all dissolute thoughts from our minds.”

From the current breviary, 1st option: “God our Father, help us to hear your Son. Enlighten us with your word, that we may find the way to your glory.” (This is the official translation. The Latin is much better: Deus, qui nobis diléctum Fílium tuum audíre præcepísti, verbo tuo intérius nos páscere dignéris, ut, spiritáli purificáto intúitu, glóriæ tuæ lætémur aspéctu.)

The second option of the current English is also better: “Father of light, in you is found no shadow of change but only the fullness of life and limitless truth. Open our hearts to the voice of your Word and free us from that original darkness that shadows our vision. Restore our sight that we may look upon your Son who calls us to repentance and a change of heart, for he lives and reigns with you for ever and ever.”