What if My Professor Spouts Heresy?

People ask themselves all the time, “What if my professor, who knows so much – and who is so kind and generous in many ways – spouts heresy? What should I do? How should I know what to say? He’s so smart. I can’t really argue against him. I don’t know what to say!”

Or Mothers and Fathers worry, “My child is going to get heretical professors at that school. I know it’s a good school generally, but it houses heretics as well. Even if they mean well, these heretics will mislead them, take them down wrong paths. My children, whom I love, over whom I have labored these many years, how will they find out the truth?”

How can you defend against this? I am sure, in many ways.

But one new way: Email me the specific problem, and I will, at some point (hopefully quickly), post on the issue in general. If you want, you can be very specific and state professor and course and institution and date. I probably won’t post any of that information. But, I will deal with the claim made, and possibly also the text by which it is supposedly justified, and I will give ample resources and arguments whereby to counteract this deception, this bullying, this predatory recruitment of the City of Man unto the contempt of the City of God.

If I get enough emails on these matters, and enough blog posts, then I’ll start pumping out “How to Refute Your Heretical Prof” books.

Why should we worry so much about orthodoxy?

For this reason at least: You cannot have charity if you do not have orthodoxy. I might fail to have charity while striving to have orthodoxy, that is true, and God forbid the lack of charity! God help us all, for the gate is wide and the road is easy, that leads to eternal perdition. But I cannot have charity if I have not faith. And if I am a heretic, I have no faith. Hence, heresy kills charity. And spreading heresy kills souls. The professors of heresy out there are legion. They prey upon minds less intelligent than theirs. God will grant the student who seeks truth the nose to smell out a rat. However, many rats are very very subtle. The battle is fierce and very real.

Send me the complaints. But you must identify yourself in the complaint email. I will not put your identity on the post, of course, and probably won’t identify the errant professor. But I need to make sure the complaint is real.