Dogma and Confidence

The world flounders without an anchor, drifting this way and that.

And all hate dogma, or most, at least many.

And so, we fear to be “dogmatic”.

Isn’t it strange, then, that when we allow ourselves to be confident in the truth of the dogma, and maintain that confidence when asked difficult questions, when we do not flinch but stay with John the Baptist, holding the line of truth, that the hearers are edified; most often, edified. That they do not chase us out of town, not all the time. That many times they are moved, struck. They too know that this is truth, which cannot be overturned.

But how powerful we become when we hold back that confidence. When we toss and turn with anxiety about the truth of dogma. How powerful? Why powerful? Because then we are the masters of the truth. All look to us for the way. And we find some way that looks like an “attractive middle between extremes”. All praise us for our wise moderation.

When we preach the dogma, we decrease. The Lord increases. The Holy Church increases. The holiness of the hearer increases. All grow in the Spirit, which is not under our control but who blows where he wills.

To cling to dogma is to die to self. To do so in love is to be saved. To say I love but hate the dogma is to preach myself, to lie to neighbor, and to bring death upon all. For I am not The Life.