Rahner on Christ’s Work

A 40 min. podcast on Rahner on the work of Christ. Examines his erroneous notion that Christ’s Cross was not a cause of the offer of grace.

Also treats Rahner’s erroneous teaching that the sacraments do not cause grace.

As always, Rahner is subtle and tries to evade obvious contradiction of dogma. Careful consideration exposes the errors.


2 thoughts on “Rahner on Christ’s Work

  1. Thank you for a good overview–very helpful and insightful, especially regarding the ramifications of Rahner’s view on causality. As you suggest, it seems that Rahner’s faulty view (that divine immutability is incompatible with Christ causing the offer of grace by His Cross) is merely a particular application of a more general philosophical assumption (I wonder how conscious he was of this?) that God cannot act through secondary contingent causes–which of course would mean that either we don’t have free will, or that our free actions are independent of God.

    1. That would be the implication. And given we are dealing with Rahner, a free will independent of God is the more likely.

      Indeed, when we examine his “Christology within an evolutionary perspective,” we get something very interesting. I say interesting because it actually has some elements that are indeed interesting. But let me shelve that for now. Reason: “The insights of Rahner; the insights of Rahner; we have heard enough of the ‘insights of Rahner.’ Let us hear of the rights of God!”

      Well, in his musings, he suggests that God confers on creation a “power of self-transcendence.” Under the adjective “conferred,” he thinks he saves God’s universal providence; he thinks he makes us dependent on God. But under the noun “power of self-transcendence,” he indeed waxes on the capacity of ‘substance X’ to rise to its own activity and also, eventually, when conditions are right, to rise to ‘substance Y,” a higher substance. Ultimately, matter rises to ‘spirit’. This is highly problematic.

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