The Litany of St. Joseph – Lex Orandi Lex Credendi on Headship

Among the many important titles of St. Joseph is one that can inform our sex-lost society.

“Head of the Holy Family”.

St. Joseph was charged by God to be Head of the Holy Family. Surely Mary had greater prudence and holiness than he. Surely Our Lord had greater prudence and holiness than he, even as a very young boy. And yet, Almighty God entrusted to him this role, headship of his family.

We learn something from the great Litany of St. Joseph. It is not an old-fashioned thing. It is not a teaching limited to one narrow pontificate, that of Pius XI. It is part of the perennial teaching of Holy Mother Church.

In what does that Headship consist? Does it consist in tyranny? In not seeking counsel? In machismo? Of course not. It consists, ultimately, in accountability and responsibility. It is the charge to direct the parts of the domestic society to the common good. As such, it involves genuine authority.

In these days of confusion, though they are not without new insight, we must turn again to the clear teaching of Holy Mother Church. I recommend again Pius XI’s Casti Connubii. How can we lose sight of such clear and simple, close to nature, insight of the great pontiff? Naziism and the Soviet Socialism both downplayed the importance of nature for person, and of sex for nature.

St. Joseph, Head of the Holy Family, Pray for us.