Pius XI’s Condemnation of Communism – Relevant Still!

Part 5

What are the practical strategies to defend society from the seditions and revolutions of communism? “Sincere renewal of private and public life according to the principles of the Gospel by all those who belong to the Fold of Christ” (art. 41).

In short, the solution is that Catholics be Catholics. This in turn means that if Catholics are not Catholics, then the world shall totter on ruin. That truth seems to me an identical truth running through history.

It starts with the first beloved of God, the Jews. When they are faithful, God blesses the world. When they are unfaithful, they are punished and ruin sets in. The same is true of the Church. Although holy in her essence, she is either holy or sinful in her members. When they are unfaithful, when they ditch the Gospel for false humanitarianism, when they refuse to evangelize, when they do not see love of neighbor consisting above all in desiring his spiritual welfare, when they do not attend the Sacrifice of the Mass, when they neglect the Blessed Sacrament, when they show ingratitude to Our Lady for all her mediation and co-redemptive activity, when they neglect the poor in their concern to put on a good face for the fellow rich – then the Church lies in ruins and must be rebuilt in her members.