Pius XI’s Condemnation of Communism – Relevant Still!

Part 3

Now, in all this condemnation of communism, Pius XI is by no means endorsing classical liberalism. He is by no means endorsing Adam Smith. On the contrary, he writes,

“By pretending to desire only the betterment of the condition of the working classes, by urging the removal of the very real abuses chargeable to the liberalistic economic order, and by demanding a more equitable distribution of this world’s goods (objectives entirely and undoubtedly legitimate), the Communist takes advantage of the present world-wide economic crisis to draw into the sphere of his influence even those sections of the populace which on principle reject all forms of materialism and terrorism.”

On the other hand, the proponents of communism engage in uniquely brutal activities. And with perfect consistency, claims the great pope. For the system is materialistic. It contends that man is merely the matter from which he has sprung. For communism, man is only a product of blind evolution. He has no soul. He shall not live after he dies. The laws of morality are strictly derivable from economic considerations alone – and those, as read by the Marxists (a title he explicitly mentions, art. 8!). Hence, the Soviet, Mexican, and Spanish communists use techniques from which even barbarians would shrink in horror.