The Ravages of Foregrounding Culpability

Part 5

Christ came into the world to offer it real hope. Not to produce theologians who would spend their days meditating what are the possibilities without Christ.


O Foolish Theologians – Who has bewitched you? Spend not your time in Pelagian Theologies of Possibilities without Christ. Or did you love your café latte with that pagan so much that you forgot to bring up the Good News to him? Yes, he cultivates his garden. He tends his children. He loves his wife. But he is a pagan. Are you to stamp approval on his life simply because you enjoy the latte with him, and he is good outwardly?

Then you have judged his heart – presumptuously. For you do not know what darkness may lie therein. But you do have a mandate from Christ. Perhaps you are not comfortable being uncomfortable with your pagan friends?


And are we not all – or may of us? – like this? I know I am like it. Well it is time that we all be willing to be fools for Christ. For the lattes of this world are passing. They will all be rolled up and thrown away. But Christ is the same yesterday and forever.