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Anti-Neo-Modernists: To Be (and be united) or To Be Disunited (and cease to be)?

Hamish Fraser offers here a brilliant strategy for overcoming the neo-modernist stranglehold. He identifies the problem of the anti-neo-modernist camp. On the one hand, Traditionalists, who appreciate the weaknesses in the Novus Ordo Missae. On the other hand, the conservative Catholics, who understand loyalty to the pontiff to imply acceptance of the Novus Ordo Missae as entirely excellent and adequate to the Tradition.

These camps have important differences. Fraser is a Traditionalist. However, he contends that it is the division of the camps that the neo-modernists exploit and that is the strength of this anti-Catholic subversion of the Tradition. Hence, his urgent and articulate call to mitigate the divisions. To collaborate. To come together.

I consider myself to have been in the conservative camp and to be making my way to the Traditionalist camp. Fraser points to the lack of authentic appreciation of Tradition among conservatives, and lack of charity among Traditionalists.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with the specifics, I think many can be edified by Fraser’s brilliant analysis of the situation. I am thinking that he delivered this speech in the mid to late 1970s.

He called above all for the re-instatement of the Mass of All Times. He died in 1986. However, the labors and strategies he undertook and developed paid off in Benedict XVI. We need a new H. Fraser, who combines learning and diplomacy. We must organize. We must communicate. We must also know with whom we communicate. Someone or some group must strategize. Yes, our enemies are principalities. However, these work through men. And we must rely on God’s mercy and truth and power, on his holy angels, on charity and wisdom, and on human cunning compatible with charity and wit.

He also notes the decay of the family. Back then! He argues, since families are self-policing, a nation with healthy families is largely self-policing. The converse: A society with unhealthy families is a society without self-policing. The result is chaos. But man hates chaos. Hence, he seeks order. If not through law and order, through police enforcement. hence, we are heading towards a police state. How penetrating and yet sober a mind.

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