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Dogmatic Theology 1.1 What IS Dogmatic Theology?

Today, I begin my series of podcasts on Dogmatic Theology. In the first two podcasts, however, I call it (in the podcast) “Systematic Theology,” following the (unfortunate) trend for the past 1 or 2 centuries in some Protestant circles, also imitated in many Catholic circles and now nearly universal in academia.

I divide my coverage of Dogmatic (aka Systematic) Theology into two main sections: I and II. Dogmatic Theology I covers: What is Systematic Theology, Faith and Revelation, God’s Existence, The Trinity, Creation, Grace, and Original Sin.

Dogmatic Theology II covers: Sin and the Grace of Justification, Christology, Church, Sacraments, and Eschatology.

As I will reiterate, it will be of considerable help to obtain a copy of Outlines of these podcasts. For today’s podcast, the Outlines for Systematic Theology I are relevant.  I will likely bounce back and forth between the first section and the section section. To organize the blog, I will number the podcasts according to Section and Podcast. Today is Section 1, podcast 1. That amounts to the following look:

Systematic Theology 1.1

I will follow this with a brief title of the contents of the podcast. Further, I have created a Folder for “Systematic Theology I” and will create another for the second section. In this way, you will be able to listen to these in order. Since they are lengthy (20-30 minutes each, sometimes longer), I will post less frequently.

May whatever is both true and useful in this podcast be of benefit to you.